What is Memory Care?

One of the reasons you will love Lakeside Senior Living is the peace of mind you will have. We care – and it shows. 

For the residents who need memory care, we present a family-centered home that is second to none. Whether looking at our community or another provider, the best way to get to know us is to take a tour. Look below for a brief overview of the care services we offer at Lakes Senior Living.

In the Memory Care community you have a more tailored program, since dementia, which includes Alzheimer’s, is a progressive disease. Residents have room to walk around inside and outside. They have porches filled with rocking chairs and tables. They have many activities to stimulate  brain function and keep smiles on their faces. All this area is secured and closely monitored. Many times our Assisted Living community joins in for games.Lakes Senior Living Memory Care Friends Playing Cards

There are many different forms of dementia, caused either by disease or trauma. All are troubling not only for those with the disease, but also for their families. With dementia, a person’s world gets smaller, less certain, less safe. Giving consistent care and support for someone with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia can take all your energy, your emotions, and even family relationships. Lakes Senior Living Seasons Memory Care services can help everyone in your family enjoy a better quality of life. Our program is personalized for each person, using their strengths and building a foundation of learning and meaningful activities. Come visit and see firsthand how we have cared for our residents and their families.

 Key Principles of Our Memory Care Programming

  • Evaluate each resident to understand his or her unique interests.Lakes Senior Living Memory Care People Holding Hands
  • Keep verbal instruction to a minimum: simple, clear and pleasant.
  • Consider more than just one “right” way of doing things.
  • Cue residents during activities, encouraging them to participate without assistance, yet assist when indicated.
  • Provide immediate and frequent verbal encouragement.
  • Build on skills and capabilities.
  • Problem-solve beginning with simple to concrete and concrete to abstract.
  • Train residents to work from left to right and top to bottom.
  • Use repetition to promote success and positive engagement.
  • Use programs that build and help retain skills and capabilities.

For Seniors with Memory Loss, Repetition and Positive Engagement Strengthens Connections and Celebrates Life

Individualized Attention for Each Resident

Once a resident in Lakes Senior Living Seasons Memory Care community begins living in Lakes Senior Living with Seasons Memory Care services, we undertake a comprehensive life review with that individual, asking very detailed questions about what they like, how they do things. Then we develop a customized plan of action to help them function at their highest possible level.
Families are intimately involved in the process. We ask family members to let us know who their loved one is, what they were like, and what made them special before they became cognitively impaired. Through recreational and occupational therapy, we can restore some of their functionality; by building on their strengths, we can keep them engaged. For example, if someone loved art, music, or dancing; was a lawyer, doctor, or engineer; or enjoyed sports, gardening, or cooking, we would provide them with relevant books and activities that would interest them.

Safety and Happiness are Our Top Priorities

Our program encourages living! We design our program to fit your senior’s abilities, likes, and interests. We encourage and work on the very basics of everyday life functions in order to maintain as many of these functions as possible. Even if there has been a decline or loss in these areas, we work to regain them.

Seasons communities are designed with visual cues and themes to stimulate residents’ memory and aid in guiding them to their rooms and activities. We keep the residents engaged with daily activity/exercise programs, numerous activities such as games and arts/crafts, and fun filled special events.

Wandering within and outside their surroundings is very common with seniors with dementia. At Lakes Senior Living Seasons community, we provide several areas where residents can safely walk and explore. Seniors in our Seasons Memory Care community are under constant supervision in secured surroundings that include electronic doors that require coded entry and exit.

Memory Care Services

Giving You a Hand – With Our Hearts
With Seasons Memory Care, our staff provides assistance with daily tasks, transportation, dressing, and medications.
When is the right time to consider memory care? Various people may answer that question differently, but it’s important to understand what memory care services are – and what they are not. They are not nursing care homes for people who can no longer care for themselves. Nor are they independent living communities for seniors who are comfortable doing just about everything without assistance.

Friendly Care with a Personal Touch
What memory care is – especially at Lakes Senior Living – is a friendly hand, a gentle reminder, a kind gesture and fulfilling activities.  We provide simple services that can help make life a little easier for those who need it. With compassionate hearts and comprehensive training, our staff provides assistance with daily tasks.

The Goal of Memory Care is Personal Happiness

We work hard to make transition into our Seasons community as easy as possible. We do that by taking an individualized assessment of each resident before move-in to get a sense of what memory care services may be needed. Our approach is to respect and empower our residents to do as much as they can safely do for themselves. Our goal is to make life in Seasons as happy and fulfilling as possible – and we will do whatever you need us to do in order to make that happen.

Memory Care

  • Resident Evaluation: Evaluations are performed to evaluate cognitive function, social engagement, nutrition needs, and mobility/physical function which identifies the abilities, frailties, and requirements of each resident.
  • Personalized Care : As a result of the evaluations, an individual plan is constructed with the overall goal of enhancing the residents’ abilities, maximizing function, and encouraging independence. These care  may include partnering with occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and a host of other functional activities designed to enhance each resident’s abilities.
  • Stage Appropriate Social Engagement: With the multiple stages of dementia, residents in our community are matched with other residents that have similar abilities. Activities that are appropriate for their level of involvement, and social engagement, will allow them the best interaction with both residents and staff.